Pizza, chips and ketchup

Text: Detlev Jöcker, Übersetzung: Hans-Joachim Fuhrig

Musik: Detlev Jöcker

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  1. Next to the little restaurant ‘round the corner in our street There’s a really good Italian pizza place. When we go out with our parents we can order what we like: “A large pizza and a salad and some chips!” Before we get our lovely pizza, we want garlic bread. It’s delicious and smells full of garlic, wow! When the pizza comes with mushrooms, all the children want to have their first piece now!

Refrain: “Hey, pizza, chips and ketchup And chips with everything.” When we go to a pizza-place, Pizza is the thing. “Give us all some pizza. We are the hungry kids. We want some chips, With ketchup, please. We are the hungry kids!” 2. When we are really hungry it is time for fish and chips, All our family is so terribly fond of chips. No more sandwiches, no burgers, no more crisps, no tea, no dips. We are waiting at the counter for our chips. Salt and vinegar is our favourite taste for chips. We’re so hungry, we can’t wait for our chips. All the chips are hot and salty and are served with ketchup now: This is why we are so fond of fish and chips.

Refrain: “Hey, pizza, chips and ketchup ...

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Pizza, chips and ketchup